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Freshen Up Your Bathroom For Less

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When you’re low on funds to redecorate your bathroom you can feel a little restricted when it comes to giving it a much needed freshen up.Here are some simple tips to help you.


Bathrooms tend to be clean, crisp looking rooms that serve a very practical purpose. For this reason, they are often neutral in design, which means they can quickly become a bit boring and lacklustre. When you don’t have the money to completely redecorate your bathroom you can feel a little restricted when it comes to giving it a much needed freshen up. However, it is possible to do it cheaply and easily with these simple tips:

colourful wall tiles

Colour, Colour Colour


One things bathrooms often don’t have is colour. Generally they tend to be one neutral shade, which provides you with an excellent base for some splashes of colour. You really can tailor this type of freshen up to your budget which is great. For super cheap colour splashes, simply add some bright towels, a bright rug, perhaps one or two bright coloured vases and even some coloured toilet blocks! If you have a little more money to play with, consider adding some blocks of bold colour wall tiles like orange, lime or fuchsia. You could make a vintage floor tiles border, or even add lots of different mismatched vintage tiles to the flooring. Alternatively, consider swapping some fixtures for funkier, more interesting reclaimed ones.




Art is the perfect way to bring interest to any area of the home, so why not the bathroom? Don’t opt for expensive pieces for obvious reasons and opt for interesting subjects or even personalised artwork – whatever you connect to personally.




Storage can make your bathroom space feel completely different because it becomes much more functional. Simple shelving could mean you take a messy box of toiletries from the floor or windowsill into an organised space, immediately making your bathroom feel bigger and more organised. Or you could add a freestanding shelf made out of wicker, metal or wood – you could even paint it yourself to personalise its style.




Lighting is one of the key factors that can make or break a room. It’s as simple as a perfectly beautiful bathroom with lovely floor tiles and fixtures bathed in floor lights, under cupboard lights and wall lights compared to the same bathroom receiving the light from one singular hanging bulb in the middle of the room – which would you rather have?

Although lighting can be tricky to adjust in a bathroom when you are on a budget, if you’re going to spend more money on anything after the actual bathroom itself (shower, toilet etc) it should be the lighting. Consider recessed lights in the floor tiles, bath lights and under cupboard lighting depending on the size of the space. You could also consider looking at how much natural light gets into the room. How long has it been since your bathroom windows were cleaned? Sometimes the simplest changes make the biggest differences. Or maybe you’ve had the same blind since you moved in and it’s now looking a little tinged and motheaten and doesn’t roll up all the way to the top – treat yourself to a new one – our eyes are naturally drawn to the light source when we walk in a room, so it will make a big difference.



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