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Turning Your Shed Into A Haven

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Your shed is a great bit of extra storage space, but it could be so much more. Feeling inspired by Shed of The Year? Here are some tips to help you turn your shed into a haven.


Shed of The Year has been a pretty huge surprise TV hit, with people young and old getting excited at the prospect of turning their unsightly outhouse into a bottom of the garden utopia. Traditionally sheds tend to be a little bit musty, a little bit higgledy piggledy and generally remain home to items like plant pots, wellies, garden tools, compost, seeds and even bigger items like lawn mowers and bikes. They can be a good extension of storage if you don’t have space for certain things in your garage or home, but why stop there when they could become your own little perfect haven?


Ditch The Clutter


If you are going to make something of your shed, it is important you first find a place for everything already occupying what will become a glorious space. You will want to create suitable storage for the items in your shed, which may involve you first reorganising your garage or investing in a waterproof garden box. Consider placing seasonal items in self storage bedford units, or even just putting everything from the shed into cheap self storage while you decide what to do with it – it makes it a lot easier to play around with design and decorating when the space is empty.


Complete Repairs


If the shed is staying as it is, complete any repairs on it before doing anything on the inside. If there is a leak, or it needs additional security or even just a lick of paint – get all of that done before you start doing anything to the inside.


Let Your Imagination Go Wild


Some people hold back on imaginative decoration in the home because they want a look that will appeal to them for many years to come, or because they want to please everyone living in the property. Some people even worry about splashing out with colour in the garden because of what the neighbours will think. Well, now is the time to let go of any worries, concerns or issues with letting your imagination go wild – your shed is going to be your haven, so why not completely splatter your wildest design dreams all over the walls. It could even be your own covert imagination space – normal on the outside, completely crazy on the inside – no one needs to ever know about it but you!

Potential Shed Haven Ideas:

  • Tropical Paradise – What about birds of paradise painted on the walls, luxurious exotic fabrics and bright, beautiful plants?
  • Nautical – You could make your own little seaside chalet in the middle of the garden! Thick rope, beach hut pastels and even a stripy deck chair!
  • Upcycled – Are you a lover of all things shabby chic? Do you love to turn yesterday’s trash into tomorrow’s treasure? Why not create a beautiful shabby chic nest for yourself with beautiful battered rugs, glass jar candle holders and even a vintage teacup set if that’s your thing?



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