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Keeping Track Of What You Have In Storage

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Keeping track of what you have in storage by making a log is really important when it comes to being organised. It’s really easy and you will thank yourself later – here’s how.

When items are not directly in front of you and they are not used every day it is so easy to forget where they are. This is especially true with storage units because items are usually left for a long time and stacked and packed tightly to make the most of the space.

When it comes to finding items you have in storage, particularly if they will be in cheap self storage for a long time, it is incredibly important you are meticulous with organisation at the point of packing the items and storing them. All you need to do is write a list of what goes into the box, number the box, label the box with that number (ensuring that label can be seen clearly) and make sure the list of what is in that box is listed corresponding with the number. So your storage list should look like this –

Box 1 – 3 pairs summer shoes, Oxford Dictionary, Horse ornament, 3 Vases and Grandmas knitted blanket.

Obviously you can go into as much detail as you want to about the items. Remember what you list as ‘3 vases’ will make sense to you when you pack, but it won’t take long for you to forget which vases they are. If the items are of particular importance or you’ll need to dip in and out of the unit to get certain things, consider creating a digital log of what is in there complete with pictures of the items that are difficult to describe. So then a brown vase in one box and a brown vase in another won’t get mixed up. You will also need to make sure you update the list every time a new box is added to the unit, or every time you take something out of the unit.

Why Is It Important To Do This?

Organisation is always key to successfully keeping track of the items you have in self storage bedford units. Knowing exactly where everything is will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to searching for the item. It will also save you unnecessarily disrupting the unit searching. You will also save money doing this because you won’t go buying a replacement item thinking you have lost it, because you will know exactly where it is in your unit.

Decluttering Before Storage

One of the reasons creating a log of what goes into your unit is so helpful, is because it forces you to declutter. It is a tiresome job to undertake, so the more ruthless you are the less items you will have to log. For every item considering whether or not you want to store it, sell it or give it away.


Logging every item you have in storage is really handy when it comes to insurance. If there is any theft, damp (that isn’t your fault), fire or any other issues that cause you to make a claim, you can accurately provide the insurance company with a list of everything you need to claim for.

Protecting The Log

It is important you protect the log you have created. If you do write everything on paper, consider taking pictures of the log so that if the paper gets destroyed, damaged or lost you have a backup. Be sure to keep the log safe wherever it is so it isn’t an easy guide for potential thieves.

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