10 Absolutely Beautiful Backyards with Pools

beautiful backyard pool

Ten awe-inspiring backyard designs with beautiful pools in the most gorgeous locations.

It’s amazing how beautiful some of these locales are and how the incredible the architecture and thought that went into the designs.

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Amazing Mountain View

beautiful mansion backyard pool
via Giesen Design

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High Desert Retreat

high desert backyard
via houzz

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Cabin-Side Landscaping

beautifully landscaped backyard
via Diply

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Relax by the Fireplace

backyard blue pool fireplace
via Top Dreamer

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Natural Beauty

beautiful natural landscape backyard
via The Home Touches

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Nevada Charm

beautiful nevada backyard pool
via Mail Online

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Great Gazebos

beautiful gazebo backyard
via Tsafrir Melamed

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Incredible Pool

violin shaped pool
via Captivatist

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Natural Mountainside Perfection

Awesome Bakcyard Landscaping Ideas Small Backyard Swimming Pool
via bubaraba

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Castle Style Elegance

castle style backyard pool
via Luxury Home Magazine