25 Pictures That Will Have You Spitting Coffee On Your Keyboard

Dog Smiling

Some of the top 25 photos that crack me up.  I will apologize now for the lack of image credits.

These photos are found replicated on so many sites it’s impossible to find the originals.  If one is yours and you would like credit, be sure to leave a comment saying so.

Hopefully a few of these crack you up as well…


25. You’re Home Early

Dog Riding Dog

24.  Four-Wheeler Fun

4 wheeler

23.  Baby on Board

baby on board

22.  No use crying…

cats drinking milk

21.  Parallel Universe

deer hunter

20.  Sniper

dog sniper

19.  Joe Dirt’s Brother

Double Bike

18.  That Guy…

soldier looking into gun barrel

17.  Gangsta

floppy disks

16.  Sunbathers

irish girl sunbathing

15.  Not sure what is going on here…

Little Mermaid


14.  Guilty

missing cake

13.  Nose Ring

nose ring

12.  Your doing it wrong

Nude Photography

11.  Partying


10.  State of Affairs

putin sitting on obama

9.  RC Lambo Mop

rc lambo mop

8.  Honest Business Card

Rob the Balloon Guy

7.  Fight for the covers

women weaker sex

6.  Good Selfie Etiquette

Selfie Etiquette

5.  Baking Disappointment

snowman baking

4.  TwentyFirth


3.  Vegetarian Trophy-Hunting Photo

vegetarian hunting photo


2.  This is not gonna end well…

pegasus tattoo

1.  Letters to Our Soldiers

support our troops