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Art Photo Book Greek Statue

Ready for a beautiful, large Art Photo Book perfect for the coffee table or office?  Then we have one in mind for you.

Over 500 pages document  revered sculptures and paintings from the caveman days to modern times.

Written by art historian David Wilkins, formerly the head of the art history department of the University of Pittsburgh.

Published by Harper Design, this art photo book weighs in at 528 pages.  You will be proud to have this book placed out in the open for guest to enjoy.

A comprehensive timeline allows the reader to understand the world of art.  Complete with art history and large photographs The Collins Big Book of Art is the art photography book to have.


Cave paintings, renaissance art, impressionism and pop art are a few of the genres you will find in the book.

1200 works of art from 38,000 BC to the present.  The Collins Big Book of Art covers all the movements and provides a rich history in historical context.

Complete with a museum index, glossary of terms and artist registry. This book should cost so much more than it does.  David Wilkins has put together a truly wonderful art photo book.


The Collins Big Book of Art

The Collins Big Book of Art: From Cave Art to Pop ArtThe Collins Big Book of Art: From Cave Art to Pop Art

“Finally, a book that traces Art History from cave art until the 21st century and does so in a clear and organized manner. The glorious art works chosen to define different periods traces art history through specific eras and then interconnects each period with the past and the future. The illustrations selected by Dr. David Wilkins show the finest of the world’s masterpieces and the accompanying descriptions further the reader’s knowledge and appreciation. It should be noted that Dr. Wilkins was honored by the College Art Association this spring when he was presented with their 2005 Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award. One can read further about the award by going to […] Gather the family together and enjoy the Collins Big Book of Art.”

You won’t be disappointed…