Favourite audio books for 8 year old boys

story cds 8 years boy

Books on cd for 8 year old boys

There are many entertaining audio books for 8 year old boys, and even those who are proficient readers sometimes enjoy just listening, instead of reading.

Audio books are good for travelling, good for bed time, good for down time. Let your boy just lie around on the floor occasionally, totally enthralled by a story read by someone else.

I have an 8 year old boy and here are some of his favourites.


Ralph and his motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

The adventures of a mouse who befriends a boy, these stories are just right for 8 year old boys.

In The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ralph is the name of a small mouse, who discovers he can make a toy motorcycle drive just by making the appropriate brmmm, brmmm noises. The toy motorcycle belongs to Keith, who is keen to make friends with this small, furry rider. Ralph is also a big fan of peanut butter.

In Runaway Ralph, Ralph decides to run away from home because his Uncle has grounded him for reckless riding. He meets a boy named Garf (Garfield) this time and the two become friends when Garf saves Ralph from a hungry cat.

And in Ralph S. Mouse, Ralph meets a boy named Ryan, who he persuades to bring him to school. And that’s where the fun and danger begins, a mouse at school? Look out!

Roald Dahl audio books for 7 and 8 year old boys

Most of us know the story of Charlie, a small boy who very luckily finds the last of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. The ticket allows him in Wonka’s chocolate factory for a very rare tour….and a surprise at the end. This story is perfect for eight year olds.

The BFG, a story about giants, and dreams and disgusting things to eat. Sophie is stolen out of her bedroom one night, after she spots the Big Friendly Giant going about his nightly dream-distributing work. And together, Sophie and the BFG work hard to bring the other bloodthirsty giants under control.

James and the giant peach, a story about a small boy called James living with two revolting Aunts. He makes friends with the giant bugs that emerge from the giant peach. The peach is carried away, with James in it, to NYC, where he learns to stick up for himself and that he can make a difference.

Geronimo Stilton, adventurer extraordinaire

Geronimo Stilton, editor of newspapers, book writer and big ol’ fraidy mouse, is always managing to land himself in some adventure that he really doesn’t want to be in.

With his sister Thea, his little nephew Benjamin and his cousin Trap, Geronimo has been ship wrecked on a deserted island, hiked to Mouse Everest where he was kidnapped by the Abominable Snowman, been entered into the World Karate Championships, stood up to bullies in the Mid-West, eaten bug-soup in the jungle and had many other fabulous….and scary….adventures.

Full of gentle humour, some clever wording and interesting expressions, “Holey Cheese!” being my favourite, and nothing too scary, these stories are sure to be a hit with your 8 year old, as well as with children a bit older and younger too.

The Magic Tree house

Isn’t it every child’s dream, to have a Magic Tree house?

Easy listening, so good for any time of the day, the Magic Tree house Series whisks Jack and his sister Annie away to the time of the dinosaurs, our prehistoric past. It’ s also transported them to the Middle Ages, as well as Ancient Egypt, but of course they manage to arrive home safely after every adventure.

Magic treehouse CD
The Magic Tree house series on CD, Available from Amazon.

And don’t forget Zac Power

A 12 year old spy, the coolest of the cool, Zac Power works undercover for GIB or the Government Investigation Bureau. Just a regular every day kid, with really cool hair, who has to fit school in around his spying activities.

Zac, otherwise known agent Rock Star and his brother Leon, also known as Agent Tech Head,  together get into all sorts of dangerous situations that can only be remedied by Zac’s specialist spying skills or Leon’s fabulous gadgets.

These stories have the ability to transport your boy into a fantasy world in which he could envision himself as the star. “Twenty four hours to save the world….and be home in time to walk the dog”.

The Zac Power collections are good for a fairly wide range of ages. While my 8 year old loves to listen to them…over and over and over……my 5 year old enjoys them too.

The only argument is which one to listen to.

These are my personal recommendations, may your eight year old spend many happy (and quiet!) hours listening.