Decorating Your Bedroom For Optimum Sleep Quality

designer tiles in interior design

When decorating your bedroom it can be easy to forget about practicalities – like ensuring the room is designed well for sleep. These tips help you decorate your room for good quality sleep.

When you’re redecorating your bedroom, it’s easy to get carried away – forgetting the key use of the room – sleep. Although your bedroom should be expressive and individual to your style, it is important to remember it needs to really work towards helping you get a good nights sleep.

So try to think practically first, then let your imagination go wild with beautiful designer tiles, bright paint and exotic furnishings.


using designer tiles in bedroom design

Here are some tips to help you decorate your bedroom for optimum sleep quality:

Keep Pets Out

OK so this isn’t a decoration tip, but it is so important when it comes to sleep quality. Pets (especially cats) are known to be quite demanding in the night.

Whether they are going on a ‘mad one’ running at a million miles an hour ping ponging around your room, sprawling out across the bed making you sleep in odd positions, or simply pawing at your face to wake you up – they definitely don’t aid sleep so keep them out of the room.


Sleep experts recommend your room is symmetrical to help aid sleep. So try to place the bed in the middle of a wall and place tables on each side, rather than placing a bed in a corner and one table to the side of it.

Black Out Blinds & Curtains

The darker your room, the better your level of sleep, so opt for black out blinds and curtains to create a good level of darkness to aid your sleep. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on colour – blackout doesn’t mean black material.

Double lined curtains will do the trick, as will thick blinds. So place more emphasis on the thickness of the material than the colour.

Keep Your Cool

We as humans don’t sleep well when it’s hot, so the cooler your room is the better in relation to a good nights sleep. We’re of course not suggesting you turn your room into a fridge, but rather avoid bringing any unnecessary heat into it.

So keep windows open throughout the day (if safe), keep the curtains closed and keep the radiator off in that room unless it’s winter. It’s also a good idea to place a fan in the room and direct it so it’s moving air around the room but isn’t blowing directly on you.

For optimum coolness, consider some beautiful floor tiles instead of carpet to keep your room cool. Perfect for keeping temperatures low in summer, and in winter you can lay down a thick rug for extra warmth, or even get underfloor heating installed when you get your floor tiles laid.

Add Foliage

Some lovely plants will breathe life into your room and bring the outdoors in – a wonderful way to add natural serenity to your room.

Good Quality Bedding

Your mattress should be good quality, as should your bedding. Opt for breathable fabrics that feel lovely to touch and don’t be afraid to layer up – layered blankets and sheets are perfect for summer months when temperatures can change so much.