Berkey water filter review – how good is it?

Nowadays everybody is aware of the fact that drinking tap water is not good for your health. I know there were so many films advertising just the opposite through the actors and actresses but let’s see what the reality is!

Indeed tap water is already filtered BUT it still contains chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride used during the treatment or arsenic traces. These chemicals can be the cause of several illnesses and we can see more and more  studies conducted on the topic.

What’s more, traces of medicine are found in tap water and unfortunately they also poison our body… Let’s also add here that there are still people who get their water from wells and that can contain bacteria and other harmful elements as well. Now imagine if you could drink crystal clear spring water every day all year. Wouldn’t it be great?


Having a good water filter in the home is not a luxury any more but a necessity. If you want to stay healthy you need to drink clear water – it’s as simple as that. But which water filter to buy when there are so many and their price range is diversified as well? You will find answers to that question below.


Berkey water filter review – how good is it?

Most water filters provide good filtering of tap water for a small number of people as they are really slow processes and the filtered water is mainly enough for drinking. If you need to filter also harmful microorganisms from  non-tap water or need clean water for larger families you need to look for a professional filter. Berkey provides exactly such a filter system. First of all let’s compare the three most popular ones on the market today.

Quick Comparison of Main Features: Berkey, Zen Water and Katadyn

Here you can see a summary to help you compare countertop water filter systems Berkey, Zen Water, and Katadyn:

SystemFilters chlorinefilters other chemicalsFilters fluorideKills bacteriaKills virusesStainless steelPrice of water per gallon
Berkeyyesyesyesyesyes(msc, fr coliphage)yes2

As you can see from this chart, although INITIALLY people think that the Berkey water filter system is more expensive than the other ones, it turns out that this is the most cost-effective investment in the long run!

Look at the last column: while a gallon of water costs around 10 cents with Zenwater and Katadyn – which is already cheaper than buying bottled water – it is ONLY 2 CENT PER GALLON in the case of Berkeley!

What is more Berkey also filters fluoride and kill viruses while the other two don’t do that. For me it is also important the material from which these devices are made and here again the Berkeley water filter is the winner as it is made of stainless steel!

This is a video review on the most popular water filter systems among that of Berkeys that profoundly explains what all the data above mean. It also goes into details about each one of them. You must definitely watch it – he has more than 10 years experience with water filter systems.

Shocking Water Filter Review & Comparison:
Berkey, Doulton, Reverse Osmosis and more


Berkey Water Filter  Review And Key Elements

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As you could see in the video above Berkey is by far the best water filter on the market today.

Key features:

  • can be used to filter both treated water and untreated water
  • does not require electricity or plumbing as it is gravity based
  • is BPA free
  • Can filter up to 3.5 gallons per hour
  • 2 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements
  • made of stainless steel
  • 2 Black Berkey Purification Filters
  • self-sterilizing and re-cleanable Black Berkey filters

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How it works

 The pores of the Black Berkey filters situated in the upper chamber are so small that no harmful parasites, bacteria or even viruses can pass through. These filters can also remove chemical and pathogenic contaminants like chlorine and bacteria to levels higher than 99.99%,

What is excellent about the Berkey compared to reverse osmosis is that the Berkey water filters leave minerals that are beneficial to health in the water. If you buy the optional special fluoride filters that go into the lower chamber, you can also reduce  fluoride content significantly and  remove any arsenic content from the water.

Just considering the fact that over 60% of our municipal water is treated with fluoride these special filters are indeed needed.

There is also a Go Berkey Kit – Portable Water Filter with Sport Bottle & Carrying Case  that is portable and can be used for hundred of outside activities.

As a conclusion we can say that buying a Berkey filter is well worth the initial investment as it is made of high quality, needs little maintenance and in the long run is by far more cost-effective than the “cheaper” competitors present  on the market today.

I also love the fact that it is environment friendly as you don’t need to use electricity to operate it. All in all it is a wise decision to invest in a Berkey kit and in your and your family’s health. To check out customer reviews, just click on the links above.