The Easiest, Most Fun Coffee & Tea Pots Ever

If you’re looking for a really easy to use, convenient, and unique coffee or tea pot, then the Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker and the IngenuiTEA Tea Maker are basically two versions of the same thing. Either one is fantastic for a casual cup of coffee or any kind of tea (from leaf to bagged). ‘

If you’re buying for a couple, and one half likes coffee and the other half prefers tea, then this IngenuiTEA Teapot would make a perfect matched gift to go along with the Incred-a-brew Coffee Maker!

Or buy them both for somebody who really loves their caffeine and their herbal drinks! I’ve bought several now for gifts, and talked friends into buying them for themselves!


Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker

Easy and delicious single cups of coffee!

Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee MakerIncred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker
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Much less complex and fragile than the vacuum method is the pour-over method, and this Incred-a-brew coffee maker does an incredible job of it.

Just add water and coffee grounds to the chamber, let it steep for 3-5 minutes and then release it into your favourite cup!

It’s as easy as making a cup of tea!

This portable, easy to use and delightfully clever coffee maker is perfect for picky coffee drinkers who insist that everyone else always makes their coffee wrong and then sulk about having to make it themselves.

It makes a single cup of coffee, but doesn’t make any mess, and is ideal for travel, taking to work and making your quick cup of coffee without any ‘shared coffee brewer’ hassles, or just using around the house.

Oh, and the filter is re-usable!

  • 100% BPA Free Tritan polyester coffee brewer
  • Easy to make the most delicious coffee with no mess
  • Removable strainer keeps grounds out of your cup
  • Brews up to 16 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe

It’s an alternate version of the IngenuiTEA Tea Maker (As seen on The Walking Dead and also works just fine for coffee!)

My personal comments: I’ve bought this beautiful coffee maker as a gift for my dad. It’s basically the coffee version of the Adagio IngenuiaTEA teapot, which you can see on the right. It’s the size of a small bowl, has a detachable lid and internal metal filter and comes with a matching plastic coaster. It doesn’t leak, but there may be a couple of stray drips after pouring coffee out.

Much like the Incred-a-brew Coffee Maker, the IngenuiTEA Teapot is extremely easy to use, great for a single cup of your favourite tea, easy to clean, avoids mess and is just generally economical, efficient and awesome.

Take it to work, take it travelling or keep it in the kitchen; your main problem will be stopping other people ‘accidentally’ walking away with it! This tea maker also made an appearance on the tv show, The Walking Dead (S3 Episode 3)! (And sold out on ThinkGeek the next day!).

IngenuiTEA 16oz Teapot


Comparing it to the Adagio tea maker (which you can see here on Amazon or further down this pag), there doesn’t seem to be much difference in design. The filter mesh might be slightly finer, to catch fine coffee grounds, but I’m pretty sure that’s my imagination.

The pressure plate is very wide, so it can fit almost any cup, but it only pours down in the centre, so there’s no risk of splashing and spilling. They both look lovely, and my flatmate has been playing with my tea maker and giggling hysterically, every time it pours down into the cup.

I bought the smaller 16 oz version, which makes about one and a half mugs of tea; great for a single person, but if you make tea for a family you’ll want to get the larger 32 oz one.

It works great for all kinds of tea – loose leaf, tea bags (saves you fishing them out and burning your fingers, which I do all the time because I hate making extra spoons dirty), and I have plans to use it as a general strainer of homemade juices and nut milk and things (I’m dying to make hazelnut milk and then, oh my, strain it all one go with no mess!).

The main difference is the shape; this coffee maker has a lovely bowl shape, whereas the tea maker is a taller column.

This one’s probably a little more stable, though they both have a nice wide base that fits any cup. Getting the filter out of the Incredabrew coffee maker is definitely going to be easier though, as you have to reach inside to pull it out – my hand only just fits into the tea maker.

You can get large teapots, though, and my hands are fairly large! Oh, and the coffee pot comes with a matching plastic coaster, whereas the teapot doesn’t. I don’t mind, as a coaster would just be clutter in my kitchen, but it would be nice to have the option if you were worried about any drips.

Honestly, it’s great and a perfect gift for ANYONE who drinks tea. Or coffee. Or needs a handy strainer, and hates those stupid tea balls, or juggling sieve, bowl, and jug with only two hands. And obviously it’s safe for hot liquids.

I recommend it unreservedly and suggest buying an extra one, because you’ll want a spare to keep for yourself or give to people who admire yours.

It’s very similar to the Incredabrew Coffee Maker; it’s worth having more than one, so you can leave your teabags and tea leaves in it to be reused, and so people can tell them apart or take one away with them, but I’m pretty sure you can use either kind for pretty much anything. They’re delightfully versatile.

There’s a small price difference; $24.99 versus $18.99, so you may just want to get the teapot and pretend it came in a box that said ‘coffee’! They’re both beautiful designs, though, and very functional (and not just for tea and coffee – you could filter out all kinds of things with them!

In fact, they’d probably be great for straining stock, or ground nuts out of home made nut milk or the bits out of pulpy juice…).