How to Get Rid of a Toothache

sketch of a man with a toothache

I can’t imagine living centuries ago, or even now in an impoverished country, and having to deal with the pain of a toothache.  There must have been some way that people endured the pain years ago when there was no visit to a dentist scheduled for next week.

I think I have found that solution.  It is so simple but it works for me and it works for many other searchers on the internet.  The key is salt-water.

If you have cracked a tooth or had a filling fall out, it won’t be long before the tooth starts to ache.  It is a wonder to me that with the importance of dental care, why insurance is so hard to come by for a visit to the dentist office.

Salt Water to the Rescue

spoon pouring salt water into a glass
Chris 73

Don’t let the image of the glass of salt-water fool you. The secret to how to get rid of a toothache with salt water is the salt to water ratio.  What works for me is a high ratio of salt.  In fact, I mix it up so that it so high the salt cannot dissolve anymore.

Run some warm water.  Fill a coffee cup up about 1/4 full.  Pour in or add around two tablespoons of salt. Iodized salt is working for me but any edible salt should work.

Swish around the mixture for a bit until the salt dissolves in the cup (or at least all that is going to).  Take this heavy salt water mix and put some into your mouth and hold it there at the bad tooth.

Mix it around in your mouth and spit it out after a few seconds.  I use so much salt during treating this way that it burns my mouth somewhat.

Spit out the solution and repeat for about 5 minutes. In some cases the relief is instant. Don’t rinse out your mouth and don’t swallow the stuff.  Just keep spitting.

The high-salt solution should have you salivating quite a bit.

That’s it.  Repeat as necessary throughout the day or week if needed until you can get to a dentist.  I believe most folks don’t get enough relief from this method because they don’t have enough salt in the solution.


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