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Ideas for Making an Anniversary Video Slideshow

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Ideas for an Anniversary Video Slideshow

Somewhat recently my sister asked me to put a slideshow together for mom and dad’s 50th anniversary party.

I had a few ideas in mind and wanted to interview them and then put in some pics.

We wanted the slideshow to be fun but not a super boring bunch of pictures with 5 full length songs where everyone is stirring uncomfortably in their seats during the 4th song.

So this is what I did. It slowly evolved from a slideshow to what we all felt was more entertaining.

  • Built a set with good lighting. Mine was homemade and around 1000 watts fluorescent bulb.
  • For the interview I hit mom with a full on narrow key light to hide wrinkles (pretty much next to the camera). For dad I had more of a traditional setup with the key and fill coming in at a wider angle.
  • I came up with a list of questions for both of them and asked them to repeat the question before answering. (keep your questions in order for easier editing)
  • I told them both we were going to just rehearse while I shot them but of course I used the rehearsal material as you can never get it back when they think you are recording the “real” interview.
  • I scanned in a bunch of old pictures trying to just find the best ones.
  • I threw it all into Premiere Pro and started piecing it together.

I won’t blah blah about it too much so you can check it out and see if it gives you any ideas.

Hope it helps!

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