Insulin Pump Clothing Ideas

Insulin Pump Clothing Swimsuit

We are so very grateful for the invention and development of the insulin pump.  Now we just need more insulin pump clothing specifically made to hide our pumps.

There are a few tricks that can be helpful and a few stores that are dedicated to finding solutions to better clothing to hide insulin pumps.

There are boards on Pinterest devoted to insulin pumps and insulin pump clothing.  At the bottom of this article you can find links to some.

Make sure to leave any creative ideas for hiding your insulin pump in the comments so others can use them.


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Here are some ideas you might be already implementing.  Hopefully you can find an idea or two that will help.

  • For a sleeping idea you can wear a pocket t-shirt inside out with your pump in the pocket.
  • Take a baby sock and pin it to your nightgown, dress or bra.
  • There are many pump belts on the market for children and adults.
  • Pockets can be sewn onto sports bras.
  • Calf straps and garters are another way to hide insulin pumps


Comfortable Insulin Pump Shorts

Comfortable Pump Hiding Shorts


Insulin Pump Clothing Resources

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Leave a comment and I will add your ideas, resources and links to this page.  We can benefit from them all!