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Well Terrific!  This site is a laid back and a place where you don’t have to worry about keyword density and other finicky filters.  As long as your content is not down-right spammy, you will be welcome.

We do have a few rules here to begin with.  All articles will be void of hate, spam, adult content, plagiarism and black-hat tom-foolery (read the Terms of Service here).  If this is something you can live with, fill out the application form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you are approved, we will contact the email address you specify.

Here are the contributor requirements:

  • A Gmail account.
  • A real author name or pen name attached to a corresponding Google Plus account with a real photo of someone.  We are working on cleaning up authorship and Google wants to see real people and not aliases.
  • included in the author’s Google Plus contributor section so your rel=authorship works.
  • Content that can not be found anywhere on the internet except for photos, quotes and tables.
  • Images that are not products need sources.

We are no longer allowing authors to include content on their own in the back-end of WordPress. Instead we will set up an account and manually add your content to the site.

Build your article in Google Docs, a rich text email or Microsoft Word Document with your content, images and affiliate links and send it over.  We will then publish your article and notify you.

If your happy with the way everything looks, we will submit your article to the major search engines for indexing. If you would like to make changes to your article just send us a revision.

Our relationship will be one of writer and editor/publisher so be ready for SEO suggestions, edits, proof-reading and feedback.  Your suggestions are of course welcome as well.

Give these two links a good read before submitting your form.

Google Adsense Terms and Conditions  and  Google’s Webmaster Affiliate Guidelines


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