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Core Extreme Sports

10467 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 286-5100 www.corextremesports.com So a few months back I get my 6-year-old son Skate 3 for Xbox.  We love it and we are having a blast playing it.  Problem is how can we sit there exercising our thumbs while this cool character we have created is getting in shape and we are just getting softer by the second.

Luckily, we have a great skatepark here in our city and I asked my son if he wanted to go check it out.

Totally a yes from him and so we grabbed his $12 academy skateboard he got for Christmas last year and headed out only to be stopped by my 14-year-old daughter who it turns out has wanted to skateboard for a while.

So we all hop into the car and head to the park.


Core Extreme Sports OKC Skateboard Shop
Core Extreme Sports Oklahoma City

We take sons razor scooter along and he spends most of his time at the park on that.  Daughter and I take turns on the academy board and it quickly dawns on me that I need a better board.

Not that I have these mad skills or anything but I’m asking the other kids at the park why I only roll about 10 feet after going down a ramp and they roll across the entire skatepark. “Perhaps it’s your bearings sir” So now I’m off to Wal-Mart to get a better board.

I pay $45  there just to learn another lesson about cheap skateboards…

Core Extreme Sports SkateBoards
Skateboards at Core Extreme Sports

I had remembered that there were two skateboard shops in Edmond and I told my daughter that I would swing by them after work the next day.  One store was owned by this super nice younger guy that I met when I went looking around town for grip tape for a pistol.

I headed over to give him a visit only to find that he was out of business.  I went across town to the other skate shop only to find that they too were out of business.  Dang. So I ordered a complete from Amazon.com but was really wanting to keep the money local.

Longboards at Core Extreme Sports
Longboards at Core Extreme Sports

Next night out at the skate park I meet a woman and her son and she tells me that I need to check out Core Extreme Sports on May just south of Hefner in OKC.  So I grab my son the next day and we head over to see what they have.

Here is why I am writing this review… Core Extreme Sports– now these guys are the real deal.  Knowledgeable boardsmiths that don’t just sell you crap you don’t need.  The store has a great vibe to it and the guys there are very helpful.

Even with a busy store full of customers the owner has a way of  flowing the energy around to everyone making us all feel welcome.

Oklahoma City Skateboard Shop Trucks
Skateboard Trucks at Core Extreme Sports

So my Amazon Complete arrives with different, cheaper trucks than I ordered and the wrong size.  They sent me 7.75″ trucks for a 8.5″ deck.  Not what I had in my mind.  This is what happens when you don’t go invest in a local skateboard shop.”

We have ended up building 4 more boards with these guys so now the entire family can go skating.  Core Extreme Sports keeps everything you need in stock but there was a deck I wanted they didn’t have.

The guys ordered it for me and it cost less than getting it online and arrived quick.  So I saved money for shipping and kept my cash here in town where we all need it. You know I am always trying to save a buck and so I picked up some pads at academy sports here in town.

They were a few bucks cheaper than the ones at Core.  Well on day two the velcro ripped on one of the elbow pads and the thread started coming out one of the kneepads.  Total garbage.  So I picked up some quality pads from Core Extreme Sports.

Lesson learned again.    The great thing about buying from these guys is they don’t sell junk.  You pay a little more but it’s totally worth it in the end.

Quality Skateboard Pads at CES
Skateboard Pads at Core Extreme Sports OKC

Another cool thing about Core Extreme Sports is they aren’t limited to only skateboards.  In fact this store is about having fun on just about any board.  They carry long boards, wake boards, snow boards, kite boards etc…


The store has quality gear to get you outfitted in whatever board sport you are into.  Eye protection, head protection, pads and cool shirts and hats.  Today I asked the owner if I could take some pictures of the shop and put them in this article, just as a way to say thanks for all the help, advise, instruction and steering us right on our skateboarding adventures.

What a great store.  Below are a few more shots of the store.  Now go visit these guys and see for yourself!  Core Extreme Sports is your OKC Skateboard Shop…

Core Extreme Sports Logo

10467 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 286-5100



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Backpacks at Core Extreme Sports
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Here is the bottom line.

 If your Board Shop doesn’t have a back door that looks like this…

Core Extreme Sports - Oklahoma City Skateboard Shop
Back Door at Core Extreme Sports

…You might be at the wrong store.