10 Ways To Motivate Your Teenager

teenager motivation wifi reward

You are not alone. Do you think that when our teens grow up and have kids they will say to their children, “When I was growing up it was tough, we had to blah, blah, blah…”  Somehow, I don’t see that happening. I blame our lazy teens on our culture and our media. But mostly I […]

The educational value of play dough for children

the value of play dough

My young son’s pre-school teacher likes to wax lyrical about kids and play dough. Shelley (the teacher) has been teaching pre-school for 22 years, so she knows her stuff and play dough is her number one favourite activity to have in her classroom. Shelley and I have had a few discussions about play dough during […]

Easy play dough recipes for pre-school kids

best play dough recipes pre school

Play dough is something you’ll find in many households with young children and everyone needs a fail safe recipe. It’s easy enough to make yours into any colour you desire and of course there is the store bought version too. There are many benefits to kids playing with play dough, and if you’re concerned about the mess, just […]