Pizza Stone vs. Pizza Steel- What we Found Works Best

Pizza Steel

I think our Neapolitan New York Style Pizza Dough adventure and obsession first started when my wife brought home a pizza stone she had bought at Target.

Exited to get started in the world of pizza making or possibly at that time just heating up Digiorno’s we quickly found that a pizza stone is a pain in the butt.

First, you had to make sure not to bang it around, then you had to make sure not to have any moisture in it, then you had to slowly heat it to keep it from busting, then you had to let it cool off slowly.

And then to end all, if sauce or toppings got on it there was hell to pay when it came time to cleaning.

So what is a pizza steel, you might ask?

Ahhh.  This Pizza Steel  (link to Amazon) is what we bought after researching how folks were getting that perfect pizza crust.  We are so glad we found this information and have been perfecting our pizza ever since.

Pizza Steel

I think ours is around 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick.  Of course the thicker the better but ours is the one linked above and it does great.  It comes pre-seasoned and ready to get to work.

Nowadays, to help get the oven as hot as possible I use our pizza stone just a few inches above the pizza steel to help create a mini oven inside the oven.  It does help bake the pizza faster and we love the results.

You can find out more and watch a video of the pizza steel in action by clicking on the first link in this article.