RC Airplane Kits ARF – Top Five List

RC Airplane Kit ARF Haviland Beaver Kit

When it comes to RC airplane kits there is ARF ,or Almost Ready to Fly, which basically means you get an air frame that includes everything to fly except for your electronics and propulsion.

Then you have PNP, or Plug and Play, and this one gets a bit blurry with what will be needed to complete your rc airplane kit.  Some PNP kits come with servos and a motor and electronic speed control and need only a battery and receiver to complete.

The third type of plane is the BNF or Bind and Fly which basically is a ready-made rc model airplane that you bind to your compatible transmitter and you are finished.

Finally, there is RTF, Ready to Fly, packages that come with a completed aircraft and a transmitter and battery.


Many RC model airplane enthusiast have built a collection of components so all that is needed is a ARF rc airplane kit.

If you already have servos, a receiver, a gas or electric motor, an electronic speed control and a radio transmitter, then a ARF rc airplane kit is for you.

#1.  Phoenix Model Edge 540 ARF

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#2.  Great Planes ElectriFly Evader ARF

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#3.  Durafly Messerschmitt Bf.110 ARF

Durafly Messerschmitt ARF rc airplane kit


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#4.  J-Power P-38 Lightning

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#5.  EDGE 540 EP G2 ARF

EDGE 540 EP G2 ARF RC Airplane Kit


Here is a tip on saving a ton of money on ARF RC Airplane Kits, components, batteries, motors, servos and everything you need for this hobby.  Visit HobbyKing and choose your appropriate warehouse.  I have had nothing but good results with these guys and much more bang for the buck.  If you know someone who is new to the hobby, make sure to check out the Best 4-Channel RC Model Airplane Trainer To Learn On.