Safe Xbox Minecraft Friend List For Ages 6-10

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Hey guys we are working on creating a safe list of Xbox Minecraft gamertags for our kids to make friends from. Maturity is not that important but we do want to foster playing fair, being supportive, not destroying other players hard work and most importantly keeping a clean and healthy playing environment.

This means absolutely no profanity or inappropriate innuendo.

My son is 10 (11 see below)* and is searching for friends.  If you would like to be added to the list, place your or your child’s gamertag in the comments and I will add them to the list. We will have two lists here that I will manage.  One is an “add me list”.  The other is a “do not add this gamertag (banned) list”.


If you would like your gamertag removed from the “add me list”, just leave a note in the comments and I will remove you and delete your comment.  All comments are moderated so give us a day or two to get to your comment.

If an added gamertag turns out to not be a child or has a filthy mouth, immediately report the gamertag in the comments and that character will be removed from the “add me list” and added to the “do not add this gamertag list“.

If a player is a child and has a clean mouth but likes to destroy others hard work, just say so in the comments and folks can make their own decision to add them as friends or not.

Friend requests from us will be coming from gamertag:  *Bubbajuju 

*Guys my kiddo is now 11! We no longer qualify for this list! Have a great time though and continue making friends!*

This is an English Speaking List Only.

*update 12/29/2014 – If you like, specify Xbox 360 or Xbox One in the comment section.

Add Me List

(8/12/15 the list has grown so now we will just use the comments below to add new additions.  Also use the comments to let us know if any gamertag should be removed for violations)

*UPDATE 7/30/2016- Guys I have been moderating every comment up to now but it is not fair for some of you to wait for approval when you are using the comments in real time.  From now on comments will be auto-approved if you have a Discus account.  Just flag any spam or bad guys so I can delete them if necessary (or shoot me an email from the “contact us” link at the very bottom [footer] of this page).