Best Portable Projector for iPhone and iPad [Review]

iPhone and iPad Pocket Projector

What fun! A projector for your iPhone and iPad. Something really cool is the ability to project video and images from the iPhone or iPad onto your wall for a big screen experience.  The technology has improved to where the brightness and clarity of the projection is now enjoyable. What better way to experience Netflix, […]

Wireless Printers For iPad Mini 2014

Hewlett Packard iPad Mini printer

Our List Of The Best Printers For iPad mini for 2014 Buying the best compatible printer for your iPad mini  shouldn’t overwhelm you. There are many new Airprint  wireless printers on the market today that have all-in-one capabilities including fax and scan. The printer industry is definitely moving towards all new printers being easy to […]

PDF Printer for iPad and iPhone Review

Ready for the Top Rated PDF Production App? The PDF Printer App from Dar-Soft is, without a doubt, the most polished and useful PDF Printer application to date. Everything you need to create and convert documents and photos to the professional and popular PDF format. Complete with Dropbox and Microsoft Word compatibility, PDF Printer allows […]