Remarkable Macro Photos of Bees from Sam Droege

Agapostemon coloradinus

Chrysis conica Chrysis pellucidula   Epeolus scutellaris Eucera rosae Osmia lignaria Agapostemon coloradinus Agapostemon coloradinus Sam Droege heads up the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in Maryland. You can find more incredible macro photos of bees and other insects by Sam on at the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab. The project has been ongoing […]

F-15 Strike Eagle Pictures

F-15 Strike Eagle Pilot

 Belly of the Beast RAF Lakenheath   Green Flag West Rolling Over Guam Eagle Mountain Home Air Force Base Nose F-15 Eagle Vapor Cone (before breaking sound barrier) From Behind RAF Mildenhall Dropping a Flare Vapor Cone   “Lucky guy with his GoPro gets a ride…” (F-15 Pilot Featured Image by Insomnia Cured Here)  

20 Beards in Black and White

black and white beard photo 1

Beards Found in Black and White Photography (untitled)   “beard pride”   “Bearded #1”     “Berliner Bart Beard & Moustache Club”   “Another candid portrait from the streets of Hamburg…”   “Thinking”   “Freestyle Beard”   “World Beard & Moustache Championships 2009”   “His organ donation card includes his beard”   “longest beard”   […]

The Incredible Photography of Beau Rogers

Beau Rogers Landscape Photo

Beau Rogers was raised in the Ozark foothills of North Arkansas and was educated at the Art Institute of Dallas and later pursued his masters degree at the University of Nevada in Reno. Rogers has an incredible eye for landscape composition and lighting.  Here are only a few of his vast genius works. Rogers produces […]