Terms of Service

Bubbajuju.com Terms of Service


Well, here is the TOS in hard-to-read legal speak…

Your content should reflect:

1.  No Hate

2.  No Spam

3.  No Adult Content

4.  No Plagiarism

5.  No Link-Farming or links to hate, spam, or adult content.

6.  No ridiculously thin-content with 10,000 affiliate links.

7.  Duplicate content is not allowed on bubbajuju.com  (de-index and remove the content from Googles Cache before submitting existing content to this site or we can de-index 404 pages from the major search engines for you).

8.  Images must have credits (unless they are products).  Either under the image or at the bottom of the page.  Watermarks supersede captions.

Back up all of your content.  Bubbajuju.com is not responsible for any loss of content or the site going down. Reasonable implementations are in place but anything could happen.  (Bubbajuju.com does back-up nightly but still keep a copy of your articles)

There are no sales modules and there is no profit or revenue sharing.  What you make with your affiliate ads in the content area is all yours.

Understand that you are welcome here.  This is not a snobbish or uber-strict site.

Accepting the TOS means your email address will be added to the once-in a-while site update newsletter.  You can un-subscribe at any time and the list will never be shared.

You always own your content.  Content left on Bubbajuju.com does not become the property of the site.  At any time you may ask for your content to be removed and de-indexed from the major search engines.