HeyWire, Free Texting From Your PC

Did you know you can send a text online? Not through an instant messenger, not through email, but through a texting app that’s got a website you can visit?

The incoming texts to your PC are also free. I have an Android phone and this is an Android-compatible app. HeyWire is found in the GooglePlay store and is free to download and use.

Once you’ve downloaded it to a compatible device, you can head over to your computer and start sending text messages right away.

This is a way to keep connected without having to worry about tiny areas of a screen or tiny buttons.


Staying connected, without distracting yourself from your computer screen, just got easier. Hey, who hasn’t tried to sneak a text in here or there – only for it to be obvious because it’s a small phone, our fingers are big, and these touch screens are harder to text from “blindly”.

You will easily be able to text someone online without being too obvious.

GooglePlay – HeyWire Installation Directions

Log into the GooglePlay store from your phone and search for the HeyWire app. Read over the specifics and if you’re comfortable with it, download and install the application. Open it after install and select a “new” number.

You will be asked for your name, email address, country, zip code, date of birth and gender. Make sure you give them a valid email address you can log into.

Terms of Use screen comes up, read as much as you’d like and push to Accept them (if you want to use the app, you have to agree). After the app goes through the Authorizing process, you’ll be given a HeyWire phone number.

Push through to the next screen and you’ll be prompted to compose a message. You don’t have to, but if this is a new “toy” to you and you want to play with it, go ahead =) Want to know what’s great about these free texting apps? They run off your wifi even if you don’t have “phone” service.

First up, you need to set a password. Push your menu button and select Settings. Find and select Change Password. Since this is a fresh start, you have to set your password. Enter your New Password and then Confirm Password.

It must be 8-15 characters long and have at least one letter and one number. You are going to get a text (on HeyWire) and an email containing your new password.

Is My Device HeyWire Compatible?

It is available through many app stores for a variety of devices you may not have even thought about. You’re able to use it on Apple, Samsung, Windows and Android products, for starters. Check your corresponding device’s app store.

More than likely there is a version of the HeyWire application for your device. I can tell you that my Nook Color does not have the ability to download the app even though I do have access to some of the Google Apps.

Where is the app available?

  • Amazon
  • Samsung Apps
  • Windows Phone Apps
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play (Android Market)


Go To HeyWire Online And Log In From Your PC

Head over to heywire.com and to the right of the screen, at the top, is “Text from the web – Login”. Select that option and a new tab opens with the login screen; fill in your information. Here you go, enter a number and send a text.

The text input area of the “screen” is down at the bottom, similar to what you’d be looking at from your smartphone.

I tested it out by sending a text to my phone. Nothing simpler, right? Right. Funny thing was – when I sent a text back to HeyWire, my phone alerted me to a new text as well.

I’m still signed in on my phone and I was able to view the texts online and on my phone.

HeyWire is available on devices other than Android (like Apple and Samsung). You can set a HeyWire number up and have it available on your tablet, PC, and smart phone.

Non-US Customers

If you sign up, you’ll be assigned (probably) a US-based number. You might not be charged extra to text, but people replying to you could be charged long-distance fees on the texts. Have them sign up for and use HeyWire to help avoid this.