What is the Best Pizza Peel or Pizza Paddle?

Aluminum Pizza Peel Pizza Paddle

First off you have to make sure you carefully check the dimensions of the prospective pizza peel or pizza paddle you are thinking of purchasing.

It’s easy to see one online and think it looks great but get it home and it’s 12 inches wide and useless for homemade pizza.

My first peel I purchased has a twist to its story.  It is large enough and looks really cool (which makes me look really cool) but it’s made of aluminum (with a wood handle) and no matter how much I would flour and cornmeal it, my pizza dough would stick.

It’s just too smooth and polished.  I found myself disappointed and using our cutting board instead which is a disaster as it’s not beveled and the pizza loses toppings and gets jacked up trying to put it on the pizza steel.

However, now that I have replaced it with our wooden peel I use the aluminum one for removing the pizza as it’s so thin and perfect. The wooden peel that is great for putting the pizza “in” would just push it back when taking it out.

So now I am glad I have both.  Here is a picture of the first peel we bought.

Aluminum Pizza Peel Pizza Paddle

And if you want to get one it’s on Amazon here =>   Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

But wait, there’s more…

If you can only get one pizza peel definitely get a wooden one with a beveled edge. It’s hard to slide the dough off of a mirror finish like the peel above has (but its great for getting it out and pulling it out to rotate your pizza).

What you want is this one.  This is the wooden peel we love.  It’s the perfect size, shape, and bevel.

Wooden Pizza Peel Pizza Paddle

And if you want to check it’s price on Amazon it is here => Wooden Pizza Peeler with 14-Inch by 16-Inch Blade

This wooden peel is made with quality as is the aluminum one (it’s thin but strong)

If you want to see them both in action make sure to watch our video on New York style pizza crust.

Dust them both with a mixture of flour and cornmeal and enjoy.